Use Cases

In addition to IaC use cases covered by solutions like Pulumi or AWS CDK, µs enables the following three use cases, which we illustrate with the webpage example.

Asynchronous Deployment

µs enables teams to start their deployments independently without synchronization. Resources are asynchronously deployed once their dependencies are satisfied. E.g., the editor starts its deployment before the provider. The index first remains not deployed as its dependency to the bucket is unsatisfied. Once the provider deploys the bucket, µs deploys the editor’s index page.

Safe Undeployment

µs ensures that all resources depending on a resource R are not deployed anymore, when R is undeployed. If R shall be undeployed, the undeployment of all resources depending on it is triggered and R is only undeployed after completion. E.g., when the provider undeploys the bucket, µs automatically undeploys the editor’s index page before.

Reactive Updates

µs automatically transports configuration changes across deployments, triggering reactive updates. E.g., the editor might show the bucket’s name ( in the content of the page. If the provider updates the name of the bucket, this change is transported to the editor’s deployment, which subsequently automatically updates the page’s content to the new name.

Animated deployment use cases animation.